Year 1

Material Science Experiment

Story Mountain Activity

Watch Miss Page tell 'The Paper Dolls' story using a story mountain. Now have a go at drawing pictures from the story on your own story mountain. Remember you don't need to include everything, just the most important events from the beginning, middle and ending of the story. You can add speech bubbles if you like. You can watch and pause a version of the story here to help you:

w.c.25.01.21 The Paper Dolls Story - English Monday

Paper Dolls Story Stepping Activity (w.c.25.1.21)

Watch Miss Phillips and Miss Page 'step out' the Paper Dolls story. Now have a go at home. Remember you only need to use a few words. The idea of' Story Stepping' is to help you remember the main events of a story. You can use your Story Map to help you remember the order of events. Keep practising until you can tell the story with your actions. Have fun!

Stanley's Stick

Listen to Miss Page read our story for the week. Make sure you keep listening to the end to find out your challenge!

Story Time with Miss Phillips

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